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How to tie a tie - Half Winsor Knot

Richard Zorger

(Note the image above is as you would see it in the mirror)
1) Drape tie over shoulders, with thinner end (shown in darker red) over right shoulder.
2) Cross thicker end over thinner end and bring up through the back of the new loop.
3) Wrap thicker end back behind thinner end, strating on the right and coming out 
from behind the knot on your left.
4) Wrap thicker end in front of thicker end, starting from the left, across the front of 
the knot to your right.
5) Bring thicker end up behind the loop of the thinner end that lies on your right shoulder.
6) Thread the tip of the thicker end through the loop at the very front of the knot.
7) Use both hands to cinch the knot up tight to your collar.

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